Chained and buttoned wallet | Best of both worlds and more!

Multiple formats have been introduced by people in the market when it comes to the iPhone 11 Wallet Case. These accessories have a large market. 


It is so vast that everyone is trying their hands in this trade. It works out well if one keeps on innovating and makes sure that efforts are consistent. 


The quality should be top notch and the first look should be attractive. Along with that comes usefulness which is the base of any product. 


Acing all these points we have a wallet case for iPhone 11 that is a mixture of chain enclosure and button. Both are included in the same format. 


Doesn’t that sound great? For everyone who has their fair share of cards and those who prefer having space, look out for this.


A section of pockets is locked by the chain and the other is buttoned to keep the phone case safe.


Women can also style it as a mini-clutch for a party! Just a little bit of tweaking and you are good to go.


It gives a classic look. There are other offers as well. One can opt for a USB chord, tempered glass or both with the case. 

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