Chinese sellers own multiple seller accounts WIN THE GAME

– Did you know, if you’re

using Amazon Author Central,

multiple pen names is

more possible than ever?

But, how do you add the pen names

to the new Amazon Author

Central dashboard?

And is there a limit?

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Well first, how do you add the pen names

to Amazon Author Central?

Let’s just get that one out the way.

First of all, you’ve

got to set up an account

through Amazon Author Central.

You go over to

I did a full, comprehensive overview

of Amazon Author Central

on all the features.

I’ve got a link inside

the description down below

and I’ll also remind you at

the very end of this video

where you can find that.

Now click the “Books” tab

in the Amazon Author Central dashboard.

At the top of the page

you’ll see a message,

click “add it now.”

Enter the title, IBSN, or

author name of the book

you’ve written, with the

pen name you want to add

and click “Add this book.”

You will see the author

name is my pen name,

so in this instance,

you can see, I’m not Charles Dickens,

so I’m clearly not gonna select this,

but in the event that it was,

I would select that name,

and I would go ahead and click “Continue.”

I didn’t, since I’m not Charles Dickens,

I’m not gonna add this to my profile.

So, once they’ve verified this,

you’ll find your profile in the dropdown,

in the top right-hand corner

of your Amazon Author Central profile.

So when you get into there,

you’ll click it and it’ll be there.

It’s pretty neat, you

actually have a few bubbles,

and okay so the

million-dollar question is,

“How many pen names can

you have in one account?”

Well, it’s changed more recently,

in fact, actually in their

words, I reached out to them,

“Amazon Author Central allows you

“to create up to 3 Author Pages

“but manage up to 7

within a single account.

“If you already have three Author Pages,

“and you want to add more pen names,

“please reopen this case with

the pen names you want to add,

“and we’ll gladly add

them on your behalf.”

Previously, Author Central

just said 3, that’s it!

If you wanted additional names,

you had to open up additional

Amazon Author Central accounts

that became a pain in the rear end.

Not to be confused, all right,

you don’t open up 紫鸟浏览器 multiple Amazon seller accounts

Kindle Direct Publishing accounts

in order to get numerous pen names,

you can put all the pen names you want to

into a single KDP account.

You don’t want to have

multiple accounts on KDP.

You can have multiple accounts

over on Amazon Author Central,

there hasn’t been any

issues that I’ve seen

so far with this,

but I’d say 7 pen names

on a single account

is gonna probably be more than enough.

Reach out to Amazon Author Central,

if you have any other details,

scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard

and click “Contact Us,”

and they’ll help you out

within about 24 to 72 hours.

By the way, I did a full deep

dive of Amazon Author Central

and some really neat features

beyond just adding multiple pen names,

I talk a little bit more

about editorial reviews,

and how you can actually see where

your books are being bought

in the United States.

Take a look at it over inside this video,

and in the side of this video YouTube says

“You’re going to probably like it better.”

I think you should go

over to this one instead,

but choose your adventure, your choice.

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