How pleated net screens for windows are a functional addition to your Dubai villa

A window screen, also known as fly net screen, insect screen, mosquito net, bug screen, etc. is a mesh that is designed to cover the opening of a window to prevent the entry of mosquitoes, flies, bugs, and insects. The window screens are available in different materials and design options. Generally, the window screen mesh is made of metal, plastic wires, fiberglass, or other material which are stretched and attached to a frame of wood or metal. These screensmesh may be simple or in the form of pleats. Lately, the pleated screen mesh is in demand in all big cities of UAE.

Insect, mosquito and fly screen doors and windows UAE

How pleated mesh are designed?


The pleated screens make use of pleats instead of a cassette design, which folds and unfolds as we slide the screen open and close. The pleated screen doors and windows may look like sliding screen doors in action but they are constructed differently. When the pleated screen is opened it foldsoutinto a full insect screen and operates just like a blind. When the screen is closed it folds back in a concertina style, just like anaccordion. From the outside, it looks like just a single piece of window screen but actually, it’s a pleated screen.


The pleated window screens possess horizontal sideways movement and are an effective protection system against mosquitoes and other insects.


Some popular advantages of pleated windows and door screens:

  • The major advantage of having pleated screens is that they will act as a powerful barrier between the insects and your home. It will get your home and family rid of mosquitoes, insects, and annoying bugs.
  • These pleated mesh does not allow the entry of lizards also which are also amongst the major problems of homes in Dubai. These pleated screens make your home completely free of bugs.
  • When there is a pleated screen installed on your home’s doors and windows, you don’t need any chemical repellents, like mosquito coils, creams, mats, etc. The chemical repellents can be more hazardous to humans rather than mosquitoes so it’s better to avoid them.
  • The pleated screen doors and windows not only offer protection but also enhance the attractiveness of your room. These pleated screens are available in customised colours and designs so that they can perfectly match your room décor.
  • These pleated screens can be easily installed on your wooden windows also. They can be easily maintained and cleaned.
  • The pleated mesh screens do not hinder ventilation, nor hinders the outer view from your windows or doors. Soif you have thought of providing a particular view while creating your home, it will be intact and visible easily.


Generally, the mosquito net Dubai companies construct the mesh of the pleated screens with PVC coated polyester.Strong threads are used to secure the mesh in the frame and work on tension-based technology. This entire system protects against all types of insects including mosquitoes and flies. They also serve as an effective method to keep the debris, leaves, birds, insects, etc from entering a screened area like a backyard or a porch without hindering the entry of fresh air.


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