Is Raw Cat Food Safe?

There is some concern over whether raw cat food is safe for cats. Some feel that raw meat might contain toxoplasmosis, salmonella or another equally troublesome bacteria or parasite. The only way to guarantee that your cat will not get these potentially fatal diseases can be to prepare the food.

On first sight, the argument seems to be a bit logical. But look a bit deeper.

Wild cats eat nothing more than raw bones and raw meat. Domestic cats, like the other cats, have developed on a diet of raw meat. The digestive system of their cat is the only one that knows how to deal with this.

Cats, like bears are the only real carnivore. Their teeth demonstrate this clearly. They’re spiky to catch prey, and are powerful enough to break up bones. Their digestive tract is slender because raw meat is easy and quick to digest.

Humanity generally is believing that they have improved on nature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Holistic vets, as a body will tell you that when you feed your cat raw food, chronic degenerative illness melts away. Diseases like feline leukemia, heart problems, sterility and tumors.

In the words of Richard Kearns DVM puts it “I believe all cases of spinal myelopathy stem from inadequate nutrition, and sometimes it goes back to the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy”.

Richard Pitcairn DVM brings things to a different the right perspective. “Foods are so complexthat we still don’t understand them. For instance, research has revealed that cats require taurine, an amino acid that is only found in the tissues of animals, and disappears during cooking. Today, it is added to cat foods as well as supplements. Rather than wait for more research, it’s best to feed animals the diet that best resembles their evolutionary history”.

When you consider that cats have been evolving over hundreds of thousands of years how can it be possible to improve their diet in the shortest years in which commercial cat food has been available?

Let’s examine salmonella. It is a form of food poisoning by eating infected food. But wild cats will only eat prey they’ve just killed. This means that the meat is fresh and still warm, in actual fact. Food that is fresh and delicious does not carry infections. Infected food come from poor storage.

This is one reason you will find cats are very fussy eaters. They know the bad food when they notice it. Yet, because they have to feed domestic cats have little alternative but to eat the cat food that they are given, if they are to live.

The main point is to ensure that your cat’s raw food super fresh. Keep it out of the refrigerator for more than two and four days, subject to the temperature of the refrigerator, how often it is opened, the temperature of the ambient, etc. The rest of the food can be frozen and thawed each meal according to the need.

Toxoplasmosis is rarely a serious disease for healthy individuals. It could be a major cause of serious illness for those who have a compromised immune system, or who are taking medications that reduce the efficacy of the immune system. This can be the case for cats and humans.

Wild cats can only live by having a strong immune system. So their diet of bones and raw meat appears to work well for them.

Nino Aloro DVM confirms this to be the case. When you loved this article and you wish to receive more info regarding First Source Pet Foods Reno assure visit our site. “Diet appears to be at the base of about 90% of cystitis cases I encounter. When my clients adhere to the correct diet following initial treatment, there are rarely any of the normal relapses. If they put their pet back on commercial pet food the cystitis will return.”

Make sure you buy the best quality meat available and be as careful about processing and storage the raw meat your cat eats like you would be about your own. If your cat isn’t enjoying the food, it could be there is a issue. It could be that the meat is beginning to decompose or chlorine washing over the animal, a method certain butchers employ to extend the shelf life of their meat.

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