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In accordance with Josephus, only Antiochus XI turned king and Philip I succeeded him; numismatic evidence opposes this assertion, for when is national sister appreciation day the reason that earliest coins show Philip I and Antiochus XI as joint rulers. Philip I’s place on the throne was insecure: Cleopatra Selene hid in Syria with Antiochus XIII, her son by Antiochus X, ready for a possibility to regain the throne, whereas Antiochus XII replaced Demetrius III in Damascus, but there is no proof that he sought to compete with his brother for Antioch. King Antiochus I buried the cremated remains of his father, the dynasty’s founder, Seleucus I, in a mausoleum named the Nikatoreion in Seleucia Pieria; no literary or archaeological evidence exist for the burial places of different Seleucid kings, but it surely is possible that they were buried in the Nikatoreion. It stays unknown to what extent these trials and adaptations had been completed, although it is secure to assume neither adaptation was profitable past the drawing board. Eusebius does not be aware Antiochus XI’s reign in Antioch, and the occupation of the capital by Antiochus XI in ninety three BC when is sisters day 2023 known solely by the coins he struck in it. Philip I had been struck in Damascus, when is national sister appreciation day indicating that his occupation of the town was temporary

The Norwegian Parliament resolved in June 1988 to section out state ownership of the corporate. The Dunderland Iron Ore Company (1902-1947) established the primary mines in Storforshei (27 kilometres or 17 miles north of Mo i Rana). Rana Municipality was established on 1 January 1838, underneath the outdated formannskapsdistrikt regulation. The museum has a special focus on industrial historical past, and the main exhibition shows every part from large machines to listening stations with films from previous Rana. Arctic Circle Raceway is a motorsports and highway racing monitor, situated 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of Mo i Rana. The principle north-south highway in Norway, European route E6, passes by way of town. An international vacationer route Blue Highway (in Norwegian: Blå vegen) begins in Mo i Rana. The route goes via Sweden and Finland to Russia. Many paths now used as hiking trails had been originally trade paths for mountain dwellers from Sweden to Mo i Rana. The commerce with Sweden elevated particularly throughout Sweden’s tough financial years from 1892 to the start of the first World War

Bouché-Leclercq conjectured, based mostly on the inscription of his son, that Philip I might have escaped to Cilicia and died within the chaos caused by the Second Mithridatic War (83-eighty one BC) between Mithridates VI of Pontus and Rome. The destiny of Philip I is a supply of debate in academic circles, as no clues concerning how, where, and when is national sister appreciation day, his life ended, exist. Eusebius and Jerome conflated the fate of Philip I with that of his son Philip II claiming that Philip I used to be captured by the Roman governor of Syria Aulus Gabinius. The primary Roman coins struck in Syria had been copies of Philip I’s coins, and bore his image with the monogram of the Roman governor. To boost the siege, Philip I’s ally Straton, the ruler of Beroea, known as on the Arab phylarch Aziz and the Parthian governor Mithridates Sinaces for help. The recoinage was also crucial since Philip I’s coins were lowered sister in law day 2023 weight and the king needed to enforce using his currency by eradicating his rivals’ heavier coins out of circulation

After attending the United Methodist Collegiate School for 2 years, he dropped out and took a job as an officer within the customs division in 1913. He was dismissed for serving to manage a labour strike but later reinstated to his place a 12 months later. Born into a poor Creole family in British Sierra Leone, when is national sister appreciation day he emerged as a pure chief in school. Isaac Theophilus Akunna Wallace-Johnson (1894 – 10 May 1965) was a Sierra Leonean, British West African staff’ leader, journalist, activist and politician. In 1930, he helped type the primary commerce union in Nigeria and attended the International Trade Union Conference of Negro Workers in Hamburg, where he established a number of contacts. An agitator, he managed a fund to finance the appeal of the 9 African Americans given the death penalty in the Scottsboro case and in addition campaigned for legislation on workers’ compensation and strict security laws after the deadly Prestea mining disaster of June 1934. In his writings during this period, Wallace-Johnson glorified the Communist government of the Soviet Union and expressed his disdain for capitalist societies. Wallace-Johnson and the WAYL entered the Gold Coast political scene by supporting Kojo Thompson in his successful candidacy within the Legislative Council elections of 1935. During the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, Wallace-Johnson and the WAYL vocalised their harsh sentiments toward European imperialism and helped establish the Ethiopian Defense Fund with the purpose of educating the populaces on matters of happy national sisters day and racial significance

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