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Five Reasons Social Media Is Important for SEO

What exactly does social media have to do with SEO? At MWI, we get many of these inquiries from customers who are currently or are considering becoming clients. Social media is a fast growing channel for marketing that most companies have only started taking advantage of in the last few years, but it’s very important to leverage – especially if you’re investing funds into SEO. While the benefits of using social media may not be immediately apparent, they are crucial for SEO support. Out of the numerous reasons to consider social media as a part of your overall strategy to be online Here are five reasons it’s important to SEO.

1) Social Media Signals

It’s no secret that Google, Bing, and other search engines utilize online conversation as part of their algorithm for ranking. Social engagements occur when people like, comment or share tweets about a piece of content. Content that has more engagements on social media will show higher social signals. Search engines look at these social signals and use it as an indicator of quality when ranking content. It’s a method of determining the quality of content that people are able to use over what their algorithm determines to be of high quality. If the content you’re looking at receives lots of social shares, it can be instantly classified.

2.) Link Building

There are no more days of going out and asking for websites to link to your site. Since the introduction of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms SEOs have to do link building using the old-fashioned method to create quality content which is relevant to linking. What is the best way to reach websites that will link to your content, when they are thought to be “unnatural”? Social media is the answer. Social media lets you share your content with people who are willing to link to it in the event that it’s worth linking to. These people may also be able to share your content with their network, further increasing the influence of your content.

3.) Amplification of content

You could create any high quality content you want however it will not gain much traction without amplification. Email marketing is an excellent method of amplifying content , but it can only be able to reach the people on your marketing list. Social media can help you expand your reach with your content. If you send your content out to your followers, they’ll share it with their own followings if they find it helpful. These people will then recommend your content to their followers, thereby increasing your reach. In return, you will gain many relevant visitors including inbound links, social signals and brand awareness All of these are utilized by search engines to determine the quality of content.

content amplification lifecycle

4.) Brand Awareness and Signals

The brand’s identity and https://www.kenpoguy.com/phasickombatives/profile.php?id=331068 reputation can tell search engines many things about the quality of your website as well as the extent to which it can be believed to be in its ranking algorithms. In addition to boosting your content Social media can also build brand awareness. This is what Google refers to as co-citation. Making these co-citations with social media will help improve Google’s trust in your website , and will also help with search queries that are personalized.

5.) Social Indexing

Since the search engines index social media sites which means they show up in search results pages. This allows your business to appear in search results for specific queries that aren’t exclusive to your site. But it gets even better than that. Individual tweets from Twitter were once indexable and were displayed in search results. This enabled your content to rank higher on search. The service was temporary for a few months before Google decided to discontinue this feature, which is still in effect. Google will once again show tweets in search results, so it’s important to leverage it for getting your content ranked.